ODOT partners with several agencies to keep roads clear

Ashland, Ore. —  On the Siskiyou Pass alone, as many as a dozen trucks are keeping up with the winter weather, but when you have snow that’s as widespread as it’s been over the past 24 hours planning and preparation are key. NBC5 News hitched a ride with the person in charge of all that coordination for southern Oregon.

“One of the biggest functions I have is to help the crews and the section managers with resource sharing, resource shifting,” Jeremiah Griffin of ODOT says.

On the Siskiyou Pass alone as many as a dozen trucks are keeping up with the snowfall, but Griffin says up to a hundred people are working to clear roads from the California border to the coast and everywhere in between.

“It’s an all hands on deck situation,” Griffin says, “and we work together to make sure that the system’s going.”

That means recruiting help from other agencies.

“The department of forestry is working with us right now,” Griffin says, “we’re actually using some of their resources, 6 people, some of their equipment in Grants Pass.”

In addition to coordination of crews, Griffin is responsible for making sure the information on AM 1610 is accurate, and that message boards are current.

You can check the latest conditions HERE.


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