Oregon Department of Forestry sends help to California

Central Point, Ore.- Southern Oregon’s Oregon Department of Forestry office is sending crews and resources to help in California, as parts of the state are covered in flames.

ODF has sent nine firefighters to the Santa Rosa and Sacramento areas. During their time there, the ODF firefighters’ main role will be helping Cal Fire with the initial attack of the flames.

The nine Oregon Department of Forestry firefighters are from Klamath Lake, the Ashland Guard Station, and Grants Pass.

The crews could be helping out in California for quite some time.

Oregon Department of Forestry’s Melissa Cano tells NBC5 news, “We assume that they’ll be there for 14 days and they can extend to 21. So 14 days at the very least. However taking a look at what this fire is doing down in California, they’ll probably be there the full 21.”

Should Cal Fire need continued assistance from ODF the nine fire fighters there now will be relieved after 21 days and a new group will be sent down.

Normally the fire fighters are chosen based on certain skills. But with the urgent need in California it’s just a matter of getting there now.

“Right now it’s a matter of location. And they needed people as quickly as possible. As those folks that are headed down there, or are already down there actually, will be helping with initial attack. So basically put that fire out, make sure people stay safe,” Cano says.

Help during fire season goes both ways. Cal fire sent a few of its firefighters up to our area at the height of Southern Oregon’s fire season as well.

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