Oregon Shakespeare Festival director testifies before U.S. congress on performance arts funding

(Video note: Performances in video are credited to Oregon Shakespeare Festival) 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Oregon Shakespeare Festival was one of a few organizations across the country, advocating before U.S. lawmakers for the financial recovery of performing arts Wednesday.

Nataki Garrett, artistic director with OSF, testified before the United States House Committee on Small Business early Wednesday morning. During the panel titled, “The Power, Peril, and Promise of the Creative Economy,” Garrett noted the difficulties dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and the Almeda fire in 2020.

Garrett shared to lawmakers that OSF canceled roughly 800 shows, and laid off 90% of staff at the time. The organization then pivoted funds to help support staff that were impacted by the Almeda fire.

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“[I want] to highlight our economic and social impact, and offer ways that Congress can support the recovery of the creative economy,” Garrett said. “I am haunted by the choices I had to make to keep OSF afloat. But its even more difficult for the culturally specific smaller venue, or community based art organizations and their arts workers.” 

Courtesy: OSF, Hairspray

There’s currently three bills being considered to help performing arts. Nevertheless, Garrett and other event organizers are calling on Congress to act now on legislation, to help revitalize performances moving forward.

“The arts are a powerful economic engine that drives our region,” Garrett said. “It’s recognizing a simple fact that the arts and the artists, drive local economy. At the same time, it lifts people out of darkness.” 

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