Oregon’s newest school opens in Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls, Ore. –  Some kids in Klamath Falls were more excited than usual about heading back to school after Christmas break. The new Henley Elementary School in Klamath Falls is now open.

Student Grace Berardino says there’s a lot to like about the new school, “the classrooms – it’s really nice, and we get all new desks and chairs.”

“The new equipment in the classrooms, or the new gym.”  Adds student Christian Banks.

Classes have been held in modular classrooms for the past 8 years, since the original school was condemned. But now, there’s a new playground, and more. And kids aren’t the only ones that are excited.

“We’ve not had our own cafeteria, we’ve not had our own gym.”  Notes Principal Janell Preston.  “We don’t have to beg for time from the high school, or middle school.”

The new building has 21 classrooms, and room for about 500 students. The new school cost about $19,000,000 and was funded through passage of a bond measure in 2013.

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