OSF has a backup plan for smoke this year

ASHLAND, Ore. — The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is making plans in the event smoke causes issues once again.

Since the smoky summers started, OSF had to decide between cancelling a show and sticking it out.

But this year, they say they have a plan.

The organization said the theatre at Ashland High School will be available as a back-up venue for most of the season.

In years past, if the air quality was unhealthy, OSF would have to cancel the outdoor show altogether.

So here’s how it works:

The outdoor season opens July 7th.

Anything from then until July 12th will go on as planned or be canceled.

Shows from July 13th to July 29th will be decided on a daily basis whether they’ll be at the Elizabethan or the high school.

After July 30th, shows will stay at the Elizabethan Theatre as long as they can. But if they move to the high school theatre, they’ll stay there until September 8th.

Once a performance is moved to the high school after July 30th, OSF will only sell 400 seats for each Elizabethan show to ensure everyone with a ticket will get to see a show.

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