OSP asking for surveillance footage in explosives case

MEDFORD, Ore. – Oregon State Police are asking for your help as they search for evidence of bombs in the Rogue Valley.

Last week OSP and Medford Police arrested a young Medford man for allegedly making explosive devices. The agency told NBC5 News it believes the suspect exploded several of them in the Rogue Valley last month.

Many residents around the valley remember hearing several explosions last month. Some have already even helped Medford Police by giving them copies of surveillance footage. Now Oregon State Police are asking for residents’ help by looking back at footage.

Sam Muglston is a White City resident. Early on the morning of February 10, he knew exactly where he was.

“It actually shook my whole house,” said Muglston, “I went running outside to see because I almost at the assumption there was possibly a big accident over the roundabout”.

He looked at his surveillance video and saw someone throw two explosive devices out their car window next to his house

“My biggest concerns were my neighbors they have a 6-month-old now. So the first thing I did was I messaged them saying did you guys hear that, are you okay,” said Muglston.

But this isn’t an individual event. Several Rogue Valley residents have footage of a similar car at the scenes of other explosions in the last month. It’s a popular topic on community pages online.

“It makes us nervous about what is going to happen now,” said Rocio Mondoca, “People doing bombs it [is] scary”.

Last week, Medford Police and Oregon State Police searched a home in south Medford. They say they found multiple small destructive devices using CO2 containers. Brian Lighthill, 23, is now facing more than 30 charges, including possession of a destructive device.

“It has caused a lot of alarm because they’re just being detonated, mainly being tossed out of a vehicle in the streets, in neighborhoods in the middle of the night creating a loud boom,” said Lt. Mike Budreau, Medford Police earlier this month.

Oregon State Police are continuing to investigate the case, but they need your help. There are several locations they are interested in if you have surveillance footage. They are Beall Rd. in SE Central Point, Atlantic Ave. in White City, and SW Medford. Police are asking for you to look back at your footage to see if you caught the suspect in action. If you have any related footage, evidence, or have information about this case, you’re asked to reach out to Oregon State Police.

NBC5 News reporter Katie Streit comes from her hometown, Las Vegas. Katie went to the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism & Media Studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. While in Las Vegas, Katie won a Student Emmy for her coverage of the Las Vegas Shooting Anniversary. She also hosted and produced the university's political news show, where she interviewed Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak and Congresswoman Dina Titus (NV-1). Her passion for politics turned into a coveted internship at the US Capitol in Washington D.C. In her final months working in the Las Vegas area, she was recognized for her journalism achievements by the Nevada Broadcaster's Foundation. Katie is excited to tell the stories of local Southern Oregonians and Northern Californians. Feel free to contact her at [email protected]
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