Pacific Power: confident no emergency power shutoffs despite record level heat

MEDFORD, Ore.– Well over triple digit heat is expected this weekend in the Rogue Valley.

Pacific Power isn’t expecting to shut off power lines, or brownouts as they’re called, to ensure public safety.

Pacific Power spokesperson Drew Hanson said, “High winds, extreme drought and then moisture levels in the air. All these factors need to come together for us to consider that as an option.”

Last year, downed power lines allegedly played a part in some of the destructive wildfires in Oregon. Pacific Power is facing several lawsuits as a result. Hanson says the company is continuously learning and adapting.

“At the end of each summer, pacific power reviews how the electrical system performed, and identifies specific projects that need action and before the next summer, we take action on those.”

A 48-hour notice would be sent to customers if an emergency shutoff were needed. Again, Hanson says that’s not in the equation this weekend.

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