Pacific Power says marijuana grows are causing outages

11.05 MJ POWER GRIDOre. — With winter approaching, Pacific Power is urging people to be careful if they plan to grow marijuana indoors – as it can be a drain on the local power grid.

The power company is encouraging customers to notify them if they will be increasing their energy use.

The company had seven incidences since July 1st where added usage overloaded equipment and caused outages. If equipment is damaged, it could cost customers thousands of dollars.

“If we were to have a situation where equipment was overloaded that would cause an outage, we’d have to respond to that, the customers would be responsible for repairs for that and it would also cause an outage to their immediate neighbors in that area,” said Monte Mendenall from Pacific Power.

A small grow of four plants with lights is the equivalent of hooking up more than two dozen refrigerators that run 24/7.

Those considering an indoor grow are encouraged to hire an electrician.

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