Pacifica Fire Update

One day later, 500 acres consumed, and crews are still working hard to put out the Pacifica fire in Williams…

NBC-5’s Roma Villavicencio traveled behind the fire lines and got a glimpse of the damage and joins us live.

Kyle, the fire that started on Watergap Road in Williams Friday afternoon is now a hundred percent trailed.

Meaning, there are protective lines all around the fire.

The biggest concern now–making sure no hot spots spark back up.

Fire agencies from across the state picking up all the pieces after the Pacfica fire consumed 500 acres in Williams along Watergap RoadFriday afternoon.

“What we’re specifically concentrating on is strengthening the line they created around the fire. Making sure it holds in the even the weather changes.”

200 fire fighters worked into the night and much of Saturday, keeping a close eye on the winds.

“The biggest concern is we know that typically we’re going to reach a period of time in the afternoon between two and seven, historically for the past couple days here, temperature rises, humidity falls and the winds pick up.”

Fire officials say the conditions prompted an evacuation for nearly 75 homes.

“We thought the firemen would ask us to leave, but we were contributing and extinguishing the fire, so they let us stay. We appreciate that.”

The moment John Gauger saw flames jump onto his five acre property, he jumped into action.

“We just started spraying the flames, and then we realized my center outbuilding was on fire. So we went after that, and we knocked the flames down.”

Fire crews also doing whatever they could to help protect Gaugers house, including dumping retardant on his home.

“We’re getting into fire season in Oregon. Fuels are dry, the temperatures are rising and it doesn’t take much once an ingnition source happens with a little bit of temperature, dry fuels, and wind to create a problem.”

Incident commander Scott Majors with the Oregon State Fire Marshals says the cause of the blaze is unknown, but because of the size of the fire they could be working for several more days. Picking up and putting out the Pacifica fire.

All roads in Williams have re-opened and all evacuation orders have been lifted

In the studio Roma Villavicencio, NBC-5 News.

Roma, thank you.

Just to recap, here’s what we know about the Pacifica fire.

It broke out around 2:30 Friday near the Pacifica Garden Nature and Arts Center in Williams and has so far scorched 500 acres.

At the peak of the fire nearly 150 structures were threatened.

Officials say that one home was a complete loss.

The fire also destroyed several outbuildings and vehicles.

Two fire fighters were taken to area hospitals for heat exhaustion and chest pains.

No other injuries were reported.

Crews will be working all weekend long to contain the fire.

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