Pat’s Hand Tied Flies

A visit to Pat’s Hand Tied Flies was more than just outdoor supply stop, it was a place for free fishing expertise and a place with a sense of community. Owner Susan Billows says “we had people come here say what are they catching them we would tie them and show them and we wouldn’t charge for that”

but now after 15 years of running the shop, the billows want to move on, but they were unable to sell the business, so they are forced to close down shop. Susan says “the economy got to us..some ODFW regulations got to us..we’re not seeing the people come out” The couple says it’s shows a sad fact, that people are not heading outdoors, the way they used to. “A young generation need’s to see that trout or that steelhead break the water and flip.”

If the younger generation does feel the passion to fish, finding supplies shouldn’t be a problem, but finding a community place like Pat’s Hand Tied Flies…that’s a different story.

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