Pig On The Loose

It’s not a call that police in Rogue River normally receive. So perplexing that they need the public’s help to crack the case of the missing pig.

She was found wandering the streets and ended up digging holes in one homeowners yard.

It was early Monday morning when Janis Pugh stepped out on her front porch and saw a nearly 500 pound pig.

“I was just stunned, he was huge, and didn’t seem aggressive. But when my dogs barked at him he started charging this way, so we ran inside,” Pugh said.

That’s when she called police for assistance, who were just as stunned as she was. When they arrived they realized the logistics of what needed to happen was much larger than they could handle.

“It was too big to put into the back of the police car, it wasn’t terribly corporative,” said Rogue River Police Officer John Foster.

Jackson County Animal Control was called but since they don’t handle livestock another route had to be taken.

That’s where rancher Ted Birdseye steps in.

“they are hard to contain if you don’t have strong facilities,” Birdseye say.

It took Birdseye and officials about 2 hours to actually capture the pig.

Everyone involved says the situation could have been much worse. The only real damage was several large holes dug up throughout Pugh’s yard.

Birdseye now is holding onto the pig until the owner comes forward.

Police have no idea where she came from but hopes someone can provide answers soon.

If you have any information on where this pig came from you are asked to call police.

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