Charles Levin may be diring his orange 2012 Fiat (similar vehicle pictured.)

Police in Grants Pass looking for missing Hollywood actor Charles Levin

Charles Levin may be driving his orange 2012 Fiat (similar vehicle pictured.)

Grants Pass, Oregon — The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety is looking for help finding Grants Pass resident, Charles Levin. Levin is best known as a Hollywood actor with numerous film and TV credits dating back to the 1970s.

Police got a call from Levin’s son on Monday. He was worried because he hadn’t heard from his dad in a few days. Levin was reportedly in the process of moving to an address in the Redwood Avenue area from a residence near SW G Street.

Levin owns an orange 2012 Fiat with Oregon plate CU 37112. Because it’s a distinctive car, police are hoping someone has seen it.

Police are conducting interviews and trying to see if they can ping Levin’s phone.

NBC5 spoke with Levin’s son Wednesday and he says it’s not like his father to disappear.

“Going off the grid and not having his phone with him or his phone being off is very bizarre, so I suspect something either he’s in danger or something has happened,” Levin’s son said.

Levin is almost always in the company of his fawn-colored pug dog, Boo Boo Bear, according to police.  Anyone with information about Levin’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety.

Levin’s son said he appreciates any assistance from the community and is just hoping for Levin’s safe return.

“If my dad were listening I would want him to know that I’m very worried and I would love to talk to him and the family misses him and is concerned and wants him to come home safe,” Levin’s son said.

According to his IMDB page, Levin appeared in dozens of movie and TV shows ranging from ‘Annie Hall’, to ‘Hill Street Blues’, ‘L.A. Law’, and ‘NYPD Blue’.

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