Police Working to Crack 29 Year Old Mystery

Police in Klamath County have been busy this week trying to crack a 29 year old mystery.

16 year old Billy Gunn hasn’t been seen since June of 1984.

Detective Bill Rosario of the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office is one of the lead investigators…

“He was said to have been dropped off at a friend’s house, and was subsequently reported as missing.”

Missing persons database www.charleyproject.org names stepfather Albert Gunn as a possible suspect in Billy’s disappearance.

But Detective Rosario notes that police haven’t identified their suspect…

“At this point, we are still going to keep that under wraps. He is a suspect, he is deceased. However, at this point, we don’t know if anybody else is involved.”

Rosario adds that search teams and dogs combed a remote area near Fort Klamath on Tuesday for clues…

“We ran the cadaver dogs, they indicated in multiple scattered areas.”

Detective Rosario says the area was identified through comments made by a suspect…

“Who had made a statement to a family member cryptically – which would be indicating that he knew, had knowledge of Billy’s whereabouts – it being consistent with the area that we had searched.”

Rosario notes that no remains were found during Tuesday’s search…

“Because of the fires in the area, that would have accelerated decomposition, along with the heavy equipment which would have scattered any remains.”

There’s also a chance that Billy may still be alive.

Computer-generated pictures show what Billy may look like today, at 41 years of age…

“But the probability of that is very low.” Adds Rosario.

So, what happened to Billy Is he dead, and if so, who killed him In the remote chance that he’s alive, how could he have vanished

Cold case investigators are hoping by asking questions, someone, somewhere may know.

Police aren’t identifying the specific area where they believe Billy’s remains could be.

They want to preserve that area for any search opportunities in the future.

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