Portions of SOU Library shut down due to lice

ASHLAND, Ore. — An issue with lice has closed portions of the library at Southern Oregon University.

Now, some students are keeping their distance.

School officials say at least one student has been affected.

SOU is aware of the situation and say they’re trying to fix the problem as soon as possible.

“Staff in the library have been instructed to cordon off the chair where the lice are found and then the chair is treated and cleaned,” said SOU’s Director of Communications and Media Relations, Joe Mosley.

He says the school has been dealing with the issue since December.

“One or more individuals have been visiting the library repeatedly and repeatedly re-affecting one chair at a time,” he added.

Hannon Library is open to public access, so tracking down the person or people affecting the library is tricky.

Sophomore Tara Othman says rumors about the issue have been rampant.

She’s been avoiding the library for a while.

“I haven’t been in the library since like forever ago, and I’m on the wrestling team and my coach has cancelled study hall cause it’s in there and we haven’t had it for like two weeks,” she said.

Othman worries that the issue will affect not only her schooling, but other students as well.

“It’s like inflicting on school for a lot of us, and one of my roommates actually has a class in the library and she hasn’t been wanting to go to class either,” Othman added.

Mosley says while the issue isn’t a public health hazard, it’s a problem they want to deal with and fast.

“We’re taking it seriously and trying to get to the bottom of it,” Mosley said.

Mosley says Hannon library will be closed to everyone this Saturday, because the affected upholstered chairs are getting cleaned.

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