Post Office Concerns and Changes

The United States Postal Service is struggling to stay afloat in tough economic times.

Medford Postmaster, Tony Plante says, “Globally the post office is hurting.”

Revenue lost, as first class mail volume drops and customers turn to e-commerce.

Beth Rodriguez says, “They seem a little frazzled cause they seem understaffed.”

Currently, the postal service plans to close more than 200 plants and may cut 32,000 jobs. But critics say that’s not enough.

The chief of the Federal USPS, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, received over $384,000 in compensation last year.

Medford Postmaster, Tony Plante says it’s not too much given what Donahoe does.

“Remember he has over 700,000 employees, and we’re a vast organization. So, no i don’t think he’s overpaid at all.”

Others say it’s too high when the post office is struggling. Loren Snyder, a local business owner, , remarks, “I understand tight budgets. My business is down too, I’m making a lot less money than I used too. But instead of raising my prices I just tighten my belt and learn to live on what I make.”

And locally, the Medford post office is trying to do that by cutting back. Plante tells us, “We closed our annex on Biddle, sold our main office, and consolidated carrier operations off of Sage.”

Plante says those changes are going to make a big difference, “Once we finish this consolidation process we’re looking at a couple hundred thousand dollars a year savings just in the Medford area.”

A savings that, he says that will keep them on goal: delivering everyday and on time.

Now the Medford Post Office plans to open their new main office at the old Dollar Buick GMC on Riverside around Memorial Day.

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