Proposed gun bill will require owners to lock up firearms

The Oregon Legislature held a public hearing today in Salem discussing gun safety. The proposed bill looks to force Oregonians to lock up their guns.

Democrats in the House are introducing a bill requiring all Oregon gun owners to safely secure their weapons inside a locked container, like a gun safe.

“New firearms leave with locks. And if we are talking about used firearms dealers are required to supply locks at the time of sale,” said John Humpton, Co-Founder of Black Flag Armory.

He says state law already requires gun buyers to get trigger locks. but they’re not required by law to use them. He says more gun regulations aren’t needed.

“My personal stance is that people should take care of lock and control of their own firearms without government intervention,” said Humpton.

Supporters of House Bill 4005 say it will prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands, like young children. They say it could also prevent gun theft, which is a problem in Southern Oregon.

In 2019, Medford Police investigated 144 gun thefts, many of them from vehicles. That’s down from the reported 178 guns stolen in 2018.

“When we have a couple hundred guns stolen that are now in the hands of criminals it’s a problem. Even when a few guns are stolen in the hands of criminals that’s a problem,” said Lt. Mike Budreau of Medford Police.

If the bill becomes law gun owners who don’t lock up their weapons could be fined up to $500. You could even be fined if your firearm is stolen with penalties increasing if you don’t report it within 72 hours.

The bill hasn’t even been brought to a vote yet. The House will have a work session on the bill next Wednesday.

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