Randall Theatre Company at risk of closing, asking for donations

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Randall Theatre in downtown Medford is hoping you’ll help them keep the doors open.

The company said after moving into the new location, it just can’t keep up with the cost of transforming a retail space into a theatre. It’s been relying on income from ticket sales, but it hasn’t been enough.

“Between losing 20 percent of our 2019 budget at the end of 2018 and losing revenue from two shows,” said Randall Theatre Company Executive Director Robin Downward, “we are now in this situation where we are about 20,000 dollars behind where we need to be to continue to stay open.”

They said if they can’t raise $20,000 between ticket sales and donations, it’ll be forced to close the theatre at the end of March.

You can read their whole Facebook post here, which includes how you can donate if interested.

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