Rep. Walden applauds House passage of anti-robocall bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A lawmaker from Oregon is applauding the passage of an anti-robocall bill.

Millions of Americans are bombarded with illegal robocalls every day. They’re annoying at best. At worst, they’re outright scams. Now, legislators on Capitol Hill have taken action.

The House of Representatives recently passed the TRACED Act, which was the end result of bipartisan negotiations after Representative Greg Walden’s Stopping Bad Robocalls Act passed through the House.

Rep. Walden, an Oregon Republican, said he heard concerns about robocalls from his constituents at nearly every one of the 40 town halls he’s held this year.

“Robocalls are a menace and today Congress once again took steps to hang-up on these callers,” Walden said. “When you receive a call, you should be able to trust that there is a reason for that call — especially when it is from a familiar area code. Last year alone, 47.8 billion robocalls were placed nationwide. Last month, there were about five billion robocalls placed in America and an estimated 14.1 million in the 541 area code alone. The bill we passed today is something that will address a challenge every Oregonian and every American faces, robocalls.”

According to Walden, the TRACED Act would help customers and carriers block unwanted robocalls while allowing important calls to come through. It also gives the FCC additional tools to go after robocallers.

Click HERE to read the version of the bill that passed through the House.

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