Siblings take up new hobby: beekeeping

ASHLAND, Ore. — Two siblings are creating their own bee company and they’re looking for swarms to rehome.

11-year-old Akasha Traphagen recently took up beekeeping.

“We’ve always had a couple swarms and then my dad asked me if I wanted to start a bee company and he said he would give me a one thousand dollar loan and I just said ‘yes!’” Akasha said.

Despite being allergic, this young bee keeper has learned all about the hive in his three months of tending to the colonies.

“This is our hive. These two boxes, which are the biggest are called broods. It’s where they put all their food, all their babies, all their brood. These two boxes are called supers and it’s just where their honey is,” Akasha said.

Akasha isn’t alone. His 8-year-old sister Nya is right by his side.

“She’s my assistant, yeah she helps me all the time,” Akasha said.

He says bees do so much for the earth that we need to return the favor and take care of them.

“Bees are dying rapidly due to radiation, like 5G networks, global warming, habitat loss and so I think it’s really important that we keep these bees alive,” Akasha said.

With careful research, Akasha and Nya are using this new challenge as a learning experience. Akasha says it’ll take a few more months before he can extract any honey, but he already has big plans.

“Bottle it and then sell it to a co-op or Shop n Kart and stuff like that,” Akasha said.

The two are on the hunt for more swarms around town to grow the bee farm even more. If you see a swarm of bees in the Ashland area, these young bee keepers will gladly come get them. Call or text them: 541-613-8447

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