Simmons Guilty of Manslaughter

The verdict is in… a jury of his peers finding William Simmons not guilty of murder, but guilty of manslaughter in the 1st degree.

“Hereby find the defendant on count one of murder not guilty.”

While Simmons was found not guilty of murdering 15-year old Ruch girl Kaelin Glazier in 1996… he wasn’t cleared of wrongdoing… he was found guilty of manslaughter—recklessly causing the death of another person.

Kaelin’s mom Kim watched tearfully from the gallery.

“Manslaughter in the 1st degree the verdict is guilty, 10 or more jurors confirming.”

Simmons guilty manslaughter verdict carries a 10-year sentence under Measure 11.

But that sentencing isn’t formally scheduled until March 14th at 11 AM.

“We’re pleased with the verdict. This was a case where there is no direct forensic evidence that tied the defendant to the crime. I think manslaughter in the 1st degree is an appropriate verdict and we’re very satisfied with the outcome.”

Defense attorneys declining to speak about the case as did the mothers of both the victim and the defendant.

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