Simmons Trial Day 3

The lead investigator in Kaelin Glazier’s disappearance is grilled by defense attorney’s during day 3 of the William Frank SImmons trial.

Former Jackson County Sheriff’s Detective Hugh Crawford was in charge of the Glazier investigation for 4 years before retiring in 2000… he looked all over the SImmons/Cheadle property for Kaelin Glazier, pumping their well dry and scouring the family trailers, even looking in their septic tank.

“We pumped the tank.”

“Any results from that.”

“No results”.

Glazier disappeared in 1996… her body wasn’t found until 2008.

In April of 1999 an FBI profiler told Crawford that the body could be close to the property, and while he searched nearby woods he didn’t look in the field directly across the street.

“This was your daily project for years and you didn’t check…”

“No, you’re not letting me answer the question.”

Shortly after Glazier disappeared volunteers searched the field .. but no professionals were involved.

Her remains were later found in that spot… but not until 12 years later.

“I was under the belief that the Zanitch property had been searched.”

While the defense began planting seeds of doubt in the jury, they argued for the admissibility of Glazier’s diary.

“This is utterly relevant.”

Waller testified wednesday that her daughter was saving herself for marriage and returned to ruch from her paternal grandparents home in California because she missed her family.

The defense says the diary contains sexual thoughts and Kaelin returned home because she actually missed her friends.

Prosecutors called it hearsay.

“I don’t believe it’s right for any purpose.”

The judge agreed with prosecutors after reading through the diary… but said defense attorneys could question Glazier’s mother about the content of the diary.

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