Snow Slams Siskiyou County

Heading up the Siskiyou Pass toward California, it looked like a winter wonderland.

On the other side of the state line people heading south were taking off their chains.

“It was a lot better than yesterday, thank God,” said Kristina Collins who was driving from Washington to California.

But for people living in California who weren’t just passing through, the snowstorm that dumped 4-6 inches in Yreka meant bundling up, shoveling and having a little fun with the family.

NBC 5 spoke with Yreka resident, Marlee Bray as she shoveled her driveway.

“Good exercise,” she laughed.

But for Bray, it wasn’t all work, “I’m a big kid, [the family] threw snowballs at eachother,” she said

Marlee Bray said when she woke up, her sons measured six inches of snow but just hours later, the snow had already compacted to three inches.

“I’m just thinking it’s the last hurrah for the season,” said Yreka resident Matt Holmes.

A big hurrah, that residents say their little town desperately needed.

“I’m loving it, we need it so bad! It’s so dry […] I worry for our farmers and just the water supply for our town that we have enough water […] they ration water if there’s not enough,” said Bray.

As the day ran its course, the snow began melting.

“It’s a real spring feeling to this snow, it may be the last one,” speculated Yreka resident Holmes.

And if it is the last snowfall of the season, it’ll be Marlee Bray’s last time shoveling…at least for this year.

“Usually the boys do it,” began Bray. But today “Today I did it,” she continued as she laughed.

She and other residents, happy to do the work, after the delayed winter weather, finally came.

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