Southern Oregon family searching for missing dog

UPDATE (12/8) Bison has was found by a couple near the end of Lake Creek Road.

We’re told he’s a bit rough around the edges but very happy to be home.

A Southern Oregon couple is desperately searching for their missing personal service dog.

Sunday, Cory Staniforth and his wife Kylee were off Highway 140 near Fish Lake on Forest Road 37 with their dog, Bison.

Kylee says they lost track of Bison and couldn’t find him anywhere. Even more worrying, they heard a single gunshot shortly after realizing Bison was gone.

“We heard a single gunshot while I was looking for him and we tried to go in the direction that we heard the gunshot and we couldn’t find anything. And there’s — there’s so much ground to cover up there, off of those skid roads.”

They say Bison is a specially trained dog, he protects Kylee and the family while Chris is traveling for work.

He’s a German shepard and Belgian malinois mix, last seen wearing a tan tactical style collar with a heavy duty clasp.

If you’ve seen Bison, send us an email at [email protected].

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