Southern Oregon Music Festival disbands

MEDFORD, Ore. – After nearly 30 years, it appears the annual Southern Oregon Music Festival has come to an end. What was once a “countdown” to the next festival on the non-profit’s website  now reads: “After 29 years, it’s time to say farewell.”

“Music education and the cultivation of arts and entertainment in the community is a vital thing that we need to maintain as a priority in this area,” said Jared Davidson, President of Rogue Music Festival.

The following letter written by the festival’s president and executive director was addressed to all fans of the Southern Oregon Music Festival:

It is with sadness and emotion that the Board of Directors of the Southern Oregon Music Festival finds it necessary to inform you that the Festival will no longer take place. At our November 2017 Board meeting it was decided through a vote of the Directors to dissolve the 501(c) 3 non-profit known as the Southern Oregon Music Festival.

For the past 29 years we have enjoyed being able to put on this event for all of you in addition to the assist we have been able to give our local Youth Music Education Programs. As many of you know, we lost our two largest corporate sponsors two years ago and the only reason we were able to put on the 2017 Festival was because of the generosity of our corporate and individual sponsors, members and donors. I can assure you that without you there would not have been an event, but we fully realize that we cannot expect you to help us to the same degree in the future years. The fact is we needed to bring in new continuing business sponsors and we are unable to locate them.

The future does hold promise. One of our younger Board Members, Jared Davidson, has expressed his desire to start a new festival under a new name to carry on the traditions of the past. You may have met Jared as the emcee at Howiee’s for the past several years. Jared will have his work cut out for him and he knows it, and I know that if you feel you can help in any capacity, he would appreciate hearing from you. He can be reached at 541-761-9976 or by email: [email protected]. He hopes to have his new website,, up and running after the holidays.

We hope to cross paths in the future and again, it has been our pleasure to be a part of the SOMF.


Dennis Ramsden
President and Executive Director
Southern Oregon Music Festival

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