Speed cameras keep an eye on Medford drivers

MEDFORD, Ore. – After a month of warnings, Medford police are ready to issue tickets to drivers caught on the city’s two speed cameras.

Police learned there’s a good amount of drivers who aren’t following the rules.

The cameras were installed with hopes of getting drivers to slow down and reduce the risk of a serious accident.

The cameras triggered warnings to drivers last month at two intersections, Fourth and Central, and Eighth and Riverside.

In the past month, the cameras have caught 167 drivers going more than eleven miles-an-hour over the speed limit.

Medford police are hoping the cameras will help remind drivers to follow the rules.

“Studies show that the fatalities and the injury rates have increased since 2014, and it’s been attributed to vehicle speed,” MPD Sergeant Don Lane explained. “And so it’s almost… the injuries and the fatalities associated with vehicle speed and crashes is comparable to nationally what they are finding from impaired driving crashes.”

Medford police said they weren’t surprised by the number of warnings they issued.

Now that the warning period is over, drivers who are caught speeding through the cameras will face a fine of $165.

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