State releases list of pesticides approved for cannabis

Medford, Ore. — Marijuana in Oregon could get a little safer for consumers after an announcement from the Oregon Department of Agriculture. This week the ODA announced it’s first list of approved pesticides for marijuana in the state.

Many don’t know how unregulated Oregon’s marijuana industry is, even for medical use. But now that it’s legal for recreational use the state’s getting more involved.

“It’s been so unregulated for so many years we’ve gotten into some bad habits,” grower Blake Rogers said.

Rogers said he’s pleased with the list that contains more than 250 pesticides approved for cannabis growers.

“That will really make a big difference on how people are able to operate their businesses ethically and be able to provide the medicine and the services to their patients,” he said.

Rogers said at his farm in the Applegate, Om Farms, they don’t use pesticides at all. Instead they use essential oils and tactics such as integrated pest management. He said the state’s action will help consumers know exactly what they’re buying so they can avoid contaminated marijuana.

“I’m very excited with where we’re going with this in the Southern Oregon community,” he said. “We’ll be able to produce some of the best medicine in the world.”

The ODA said pesticide products not included on the list are considered illegal for cannabis production. You can see the full list here.

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