Subway Chicken: Deadly Game

A YouTube video showing teenagers jumping onto New York city subway tracks as a train approaches is alarming subway riders and transit officials who said “they should have their heads examined.”

The video, posted Monday, shows the teens jumping onto a set of tracks at a Brooklyn subway stop.

Onlookers scream at them, but the teens continue to linger even as the lights of the approaching train come into view.

Ultimately, the boys make it back on to the platform, the last one with a mere ten seconds to spare before the train pulls in.

It appears they were playing a potentially deadly game of chicken, competing to see who dares to stay on the tracks the longest before the train comes.

The person who shot the video spoke to NBC News over the phone.

He wanted to remain anonymous.

“They could have killed more people on the subway, should the train have to stop suddenly, or the people on the train could get hurt,” he said. “They’re putting everyone at risk.”

Subway riders at the station expressed disappointment and anger.

“I guess it’s a commentary on what’s happening,” said Dr. Barbara Gardner. “Kids don’t have any purpose. Life means nothing, or they don’t understand why they’re on Earth. This is really sad.”

“They need some structure in their lives. It’s a shame that they come to dive in front of a train to entertain themselves,” added Joshua Olliviere.

The MTA said in a statement that the teenagers in the video should be arrested, noting that 146 people were hit by trains last year, 47 fatally.

“The individuals depicted in this video should be taken into custody and then they should have their heads examined,” the statement said.

The MTA said it has passed the video along to police, who are investigating.

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