Summer skin concerns? What you need to know

MEDFORD, Ore. – Wearing sunblock year-round is a must, according to dermatologists. However, as the Rogue Valley goes into hotter weather dermatologists say it’s more important than ever to protect your skin.

Medford dermatologist, Timothy MacCurdy says in order to protect your skin, it is important to get a mineral-based sunblock with an SPF of at least 30. If you have a fair complexion you might want to look into getting SPF 50.

“The amount that you apply, the frequency of application. You need to apply these things about every two to two and a half hours. And you can say that it takes about a shot glass to protect your entire body,” said MacCurdy.

In addition to wearing sunblock, MacCurdy recommends wearing a sun hat when outdoors and if at all possible to stay inside when it’s the warmest, usually around 2-3 p.m. While MacCurdy says everyone needs a bit of Vitamin D, laying out in the sun may not be the best activity for your skin.

Experts also say you should also drink more water than normal in this heat. The Mayo Clinic says men should be drinking at least 15.5 cups of water a day, while women should be drinking at least 11.5 cups of water a day.

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