Talent Townhall

The drama continues for Talent councilman EJ McManus who was arrested last year for drinking and driving. He even spent some time in jail.

In a 4 to 2 vote, at the beginning of this month, the council decided to let McManus keep his seat for the rest of his term.

It’s a decision that’s caused a lot of tension.

“EJ is a nice guy but he violated the city charter twice and the rules are clear you need to resign and be removed and that’s what tonight is about.” said John Olson, a member of the Parks and Recreation Commission

some talent residents feel the councilman violated the city charter by disobeying the law and getting arrested.

We got a copy of the city charter and it states a council seat can be vacated if a council person is convicted of a public offense punishable by loss of liberty.

Off camera city officials say it’s hard to enforce the rule because “loss of liberty” is vague and hasn’t been defined.

“We’re thinking just let the towns people get all the facts, give their input, and either ask him to resign or ask the council to vote him out.” said Olson.

McManus has not returned our phone calls and in a previous statement said his run in with the law does not affect his ability to serve. The councilman’s term ends in December and talent residents have not collected the 307 signatures necessary to initiate a recall.

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