Teen rapist indicted for murdering Portland woman

Portland, Ore. — The teenager in prison for raping a woman near Autzen Stadium, has now been charged for murdering a 29-year-old woman in Portland.

17-year-old Jaime Tinoco was indicted by a Grand Jury last night for Nicole Laube’s murder.

Laube was stabbed to death in August 2014, Laube was hanging fliers in the parking lot of the Commons at Timber Creek apartment complex when she was attacked.

A little less than a month after Laube’s death a39-year-old woman told police she was beaten and raped near Autzen Stadium after a University of Oregon football game.

Tinoco was arrested for the incident in September and pleaded guilty to rape, sexual abuse, assault and kidnapping.

He was sentenced on March 20th to 14 years in prison.

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