Teenager on a mission to ban styrofoam in Medford

Medford, Ore.– St. Mary’s Senior, Sam Becker is on a mission to ban styrofoam food containers in Medford.

“I’ve taken the responsibility of picking that styrofoam up and other litter up and making the Greenway aesthetically pleasing and more inviting,” said Becker.

For years Becker has volunteered his time cleaning up the Greenway. It’s a job and he said styrofoam makes it that much harder.

“I specifically had trouble picking up styrofoam because it was crumbling apart, falling apart, and blowing in the wind.”

Becker also said styrofoam is not only bad for the environment but for health. So he came up with a plan.

“I decided to do my best to ban styrofoam food containers in the City of Medford due to the fact that they are not beneficial and do to the fact that there are alternatives.”

Becker created an ordinance and brought it to the Medford City Council. Now he has to collect 4,000 signatures by the end of November to get the issue on the May ballot.

“My goal is that the community of Medford can realize that no matter what their age they are able to partake in the political process and make the changes that they see fit.”

If the initiative passes, styrofoam food containers will be banned in Medford anywhere food is sold.

Back in 80’s Ashland banned styrofoam anywhere food is sold.

Becker said he already has 1,000 signatures and he’s out in the community daily trying to collect more.

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