Terminal brain cancer survivor beating the odds

Klamath Falls, Ore. – May is ‘Brain Tumor Awareness Month’.

A Klamath Falls woman who has lived with brain cancer for 15 years spoke with NBC2’s Lyle Ahrens about what she’s doing to spread awareness – and how she survived.

Cheryl Broyles was diagnosed with brain cancer in the year 2000.

She was given a year to live.

“I was overwhelmed.” Recalls Broyles. “My two children were only one and three, and I knew they needed Mommy.”

Those toddlers are now young men.

Husband Matt Broyles says his wife has had to fight hard for the past 15 years…

“She’s had 6 brain surgeries, she’s been on chemotherapy for a total of 3 years in 2 different bouts, and she’s had a lifetime dose of radiation to the left side of her head.”

Cheryl says a positive attitude has played a key role in her survival…

“I wasn’t going to listen to the statistics. I decided I was not going to let cancer kill my life while I was still alive.”

She climbed Mt. Shasta in 2004, and wrote a book titled ‘Life’s Mountains’ about her experience…

“I was determined to make it to the peak, and beat the statistics, just like I was beating it for cancer.”

Cheryl’s also active helping others in their battles with brain cancer through her website…

“I find that reaching out to encourage other people fighting cancer actually feeds me with hope.”

She’ll appear on the Steve Harvey show this Thursday…

“We went on there to bring up the awareness about brain tumors during the month of May.”

And while Cheryl’s battle still isn’t over, she and Matt say they’ll continue to fight.

“None of us know how long we have here on Earth.” Notes Matt Broyles. “God’s given us so many days, and how you spend those days becomes really, really important when you have cancer in your family, or in your life.”

Broyles says early detection, and a strong faith have also been major factors in her survival.

The Steve Harvey Show featuring Cheryl Broyles will air this Thursday (5/7/15) morning at 9:am on KMVU, FOX 26.

You can learn more about Cheryl at her website: www.cherylbroyles-gbm.com

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