The Clayfolk Pottery Show makes a return

MEDFORD, Ore. – The Clayfolk Pottery Show made its return this weekend.

The event featured over 60 artists from all over the Pacific Northwest showing off their hand-crafted works like sculptures, pots, and bowls.

Everything on display was made from clay with some live demonstrations at the event showing how these works of art come to life.

Organizers say this was the first time the clay folk pottery show was held since the pandemic.

“It’s just been an amazing turnout; our customers are thrilled they’re thanking us for being here the artists are smiling. It is a live event, online does not capture it and does not share the nuances and intricacies that this art has,” said Michael Mckinney of the Clayfolk.

McKinney says the Clayfolk is one of the oldest guilds in Oregon. He says the best part of being in the guild is seeing artists new and old refine their craft over the years.

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