The Victorian Christmas Tours begin in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Ore. – The Victorian Christmas Tours at the Beekman House have officially begun.

Historic Jacksonville is inviting guests to the home of the town’s wealthiest and most prominent pioneer family to experience a 19th-century holiday celebration.

Guests will learn the origins of many popular Christmas traditions and stories of holiday festivities in the late 1800s.

Like the good luck German Pickle and the evolution of Santa Clause over the years.

“It gives them a background on what they are celebrating, why they celebrate it, and it’s also a very special look at Christmas, it’s a different look. It’s what the traditional Christmas was like,” said Carolyn Kingsnorth, President of Historic Jacksonville Inc.

Kingsnorth says these tours have been happening since 2012 and it’s their way of bringing history to life. She says the tours will continue every weekend through December 18th.  

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