Three dogs killed in rural area of Siskiyou County

Montague, Ore. — “They shouldn’t have animals if they’re gonna do that,” Montague resident Christina Crawford said.

Three dogs were shot, killed and abandoned in a creek on the 13-thousand block of Ball Mountain Road near Montague.

“All three of them appeared to have been shot in the head, probably with a 22 rifle or pistol and all three of them were dumped at the scene,” Siskiyou County Sheriff John Lopey said.

According to Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey, a rancher was cleaning his property on Saturday when he saw something suspicious.

“He noticed a couple of what appeared to be dead carcasses in the creek,” Sheriff Lopey said.

That led to a joint investigation between the sheriff’s office and Siskiyou County Animal Control.

A forensic technician was also dispatched.

Sheriff Lopey says chips haven’t been found in the dogs, but investigators were able to collect other evidence.

“We did retrieve the projectiles,” Sheriff Lopey said.

Sheriff Lopey says animal cruelty, neglect and dumping are all serious criminal offenses under California law.

He says animal cruelty was a big problem in the past, but things shaped up after the creation of the Siskiyou County Animal Cruelty Prevention Task Force.

“We haven’t seen too many cases like this arise, and we’re very concerned about it,” Sheriff Lopey said.

Right now, all agencies are looking for those responsible and nearby residents would like to see justice for the horrific actions committed.

“I hope they get caught and they go to jail for being cruel to animals,” Montague resident Christina Crawford said.

Sheriff Lopey says there are other options for unwanted dogs like a rescue ranch, or the Siskiyou Humane Society.

If you have any information regarding the case, please contact the sheriff’s office.

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