UCC students and staff return back to class

UCCSCHOOLROSEBURG, ORE. —  With a beefed up police presence and grief counselors on hand, students and faculty return to Umpqua Community College for the first time Monday since the horrific shooting.

As the students of UCC returned to campus, hundreds of community members lined the road sharing a message of strength and hope..

“We just wanted to show support for the students and staff because it’s been an emotional time,” said David Forsyth, a Roseburg resident.

For students moving-on means going back.

“If I didn’t go back, I feel like I would be defeated somehow, that the evil man that set out to do all of this and cause all of this hurt and pain. I feel like he would be winning,” said UCC freshman Hannah Miles.

Miles’ classroom shares a door with the classroom where a gunman killed nine people.

She says she’ll never get over what happened that it has become a part of who she is.

There was a stepped-up police presence along with counselors and volunteers. Governor Kate Brown and UCC interim president Rita Cavin welcomed back students.

“There is still a lot of healing that needs to happen. The students that I met and talked to need a lot of support and they need a lot of love,” Gov. Brown said.

College administrators say support teams will remain on campus all week and many in Roseburg say they will do whatever they can to help their town and these students.

“We feel like we are in a bubble of love right now and we really appreciate all the care,” said UCC president Cavin.

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