Veteran calls dismissed lawsuit a win-win

Medford, Ore. — Weeks after a federal lawsuit is filed against the Veteran Affairs Clinic in White City. it was dismissed in court Thursday.

The case was the result of a new policy that limited the amount of things veterans can have in their room.

“The Veteran’s Administration has decided to amend that policy to more adequately accommodate the veterans out at the hospital,” said veteranLederrick Nesbitt.

On August first at the Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinic in White City enforced a new rule thatstated residents could have no more than 2 bags of personal items, within the size of 30”L x 26”W x 22”H, or face discharge.

“I think the big issue was, a lot of veterans out there didn’t any idea how much they had accrued,” Nesbitt said.

Nesbitt says he was discharged from the facility when he told staff about the lawsuit over the new policy.

As Nesbitt entered a federal courtroom Thursday, he was stunned to see that the V.A. had brought in an example of their new size box veterans can have.

Nesbit told the judge he was happy with the change.

Veterans can have two of the larger boxes for their belongings, which is according to Nesbitt is nearly double the size of the previous.

V.A. officials declined to comment on why the change of policy as they exited the courthouse.

Nesbitt says he has no hard feelings toward them, and is glad a solution was found.

“The V.A. has always been fantastic to me and I’ve seen the good work they’ve done for everyone else,” Nesbitt said.

With the lawsuit behind him, Nesbitt left the courthouse to reenlist in the facility.

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