West Medford May Go Dark

Its a pilot program called “Natural Skies” proposed by a west Medford City Councilman who wants to showcase the stars in his neighborhood while ultimately saving Medford nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

“I chose west Medford because it would affect me, and it is also a diverse area. It has good locations and also areas of concern,” said Councilman John Michaels.

The pilot program would turn off 31 street lights in a 22 block area of west Medford during the months of July and August to save the city money. It is estimated that if the project works it could save the city $250,000 off their power bill per year.

Some residents in the area worry that it would negatively impact their community. There will be a survey sent out to residents who would be affected.

The street lights closed would be low populated residential areas off Columbus Ave, West Main Street, Jackson Street, and Peach Street. Traffic lights as well as highly populated streets will remain lite.

Once a survey has been sent out there will be a town hall meeting to discuss the findings. For now no action will be taken.

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