White City cat doused in lighter fluid by stranger

White City, Ore.- A warning for pet owners after a White City resident posted on Facebook Monday saying they found their black cat doused in lighter fluid.

Southern Oregon Humane says the incident is unusual.

While workers see abused and neglected animals through their work at S.O. Humane, they’ve never encountered something like this.

That’s why they say it’s important to watch your pets and report anything unusual that could put them at risk or harm them.

“I suggest if something like that happens call Jackson County Animal Control and see if they’ll come out and do an investigation,” S.O. Huamne’s Executive Director Karen Evans says.

If a report of animal abuse is made the Sheriff’s Office says it will be taken very seriously. Seeing as Oregon state law says that no person is authorized to harm an animal or abuse an animal in Oregon.

Investigating animal abuse involves answering several questions.

“Did they do it knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly,” Deputy Biddle of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office explains.

And abusers could face hefty legal action. Potential jail time could be a result of animal abuse depending on what a judge would decide if the case went to court.

While deputies and animal lovers never want to see a pet hurt they know it happens. In light of that, S.O. Humane has a message for everyone.

“You just wanna treat animals and others like you would wanna be treated,” Southern Oregon Humane’s Karen Evans says.


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