White van reportedly watching kids, Parents take to social media

Medford, Ore. — Parents are on high alert, following a social media post about a person in a white van watching kids near a Medford school bus stop. Both Medford Police and the school district are aware of the report, but officers say not all of the information out there is correct.

The white van was spotted at Seckel street and Greenbrae drive, close to Laury Lee-Tosh’s house.

“Kids come over to the bus stop over here,” Lee-Tosh said. “I found out about it on Facebook, and I wasn’t sure if it was true or not.”

While a report was made to Medford Police, Lieutenant Kerry Curtis said some of the facts stated in the post aren’t true, including that the van was stolen.

“I don’t think that report is accurate,” Lt. Curtis said.

Police were provided with a license plate, but so far, Curtis said that hasn’t helped in the investigation.

“We got a plate that returned to a vehicle that was not the one described,” Curtis said.

Officers are using those numbers and letters in different sequences to try and come up with the van. In the meantime, they’re asking for your help.

“We all have an interest in our children, and we all have an interest in their safety,” Curtis said. “We certainly want parents to have that communication with their children, to relay that information, and then of course the parents need to get a hold of us immediately.”

Police are asking parents to be aware. If you do see the van described, or anything suspicious, report it immediately. Police say they have a better chance of catching the suspect when the call is made right away.

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