Wine shortage not affecting Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon, Ore. — A wine shortage affecting the global market isn’t an issue here in Southern Oregon.

Wine makers say they’re bottling more than ever and selling it at a premium.

“This is a tank here of our 2017 rose,” Brian Greuber said.

Brian Greuber is an associate wine maker at Quadry North Winery.

On a global scale, 2017 had the lowest production of wine in 60 years, but Greuber says that hasn’t affected Southern Oregon.

“Oregon as a state is surging, and the Rogue Valley as a region is really growing exceptionally well,” Greuber said.

Wine in other regions is struggling because of poor climate, but Greuber says the climate in Southern Oregon couldn’t be more perfect.

“The biggest thing for us is that we’re able to pick grapes in the cool of the fall when they’re ripening perfectly but also slowly,” Greuber said.

According to Greuber, grapes in the Rogue Valley are raised in a golden zone where the relationship between hot and cold is ideal.

Many wine makers across the region agree Southern Oregon is such a great place to produce wine because the longer, warm days help the grapes to produce sugar, whereas the colder nights, help them to hold in acids.

Greuber says our area isn’t necessarily filling the void for countries that are struggling, but wine from Southern Oregon is growing independently.

“Wine Enthusiast Magazine named Southern Oregon one of the top 10 global wine destinations in their magazine in 2016,” Greuber said.

After that magazine article, the state of Oregon received nearly 800 million dollars in tourism related to wine.

Greuber thinks it’s been made clear that popularity won’t be ending anytime soon.

“It’s a beautiful place, the tourism is here, the climate is here… The wine industry is just growing and continuing to grow over time,” Greuber┬ásaid.

Multiple wine makers say the last five years have been great, warm years for wine production.

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