Wolf Creek Inn set to reopen in April

Wolf Creek, Ore. — A historic inn in Josephine County is preparing to reopen.

The Wolf Creek Inn is getting a new lease on life and opening its doors to you.

It’s basically the same authentic inn from the late 1800s.

The only upgrades are new mattresses, black-out curtains, and Wi-Fi access.

“There’s a lot of personality in a building like this,” Wolf Creek Inn Head Chef, Daryl Butterfield, said.

If walls could talk these walls would have quite the story to tell.

“I mean it’s… It’s a living museum,” Butterfield said.

Hosting big names like Clark Gable, Carol Lombard and Jack London, the Wolf Creek Inn has been the cornerstone of the community for more than a century.

“It’s constantly been taking people in who pass through here for over 100 years,” Butterfield said.

Henry Smith built the Inn next to his apple orchards in 1883.

It soon became a stop on the stage coach line offering travelers a peaceful place to stay.

135 years later, it’s now the oldest continually-operated hotel in the Pacific Northwest.

“This place has been functioning longer than any other place in the state,” Butterfield said.

Hoping to continue its legacy, new management recently took over the historic building and is making a couple of renovations.

Those minor changes include new mattresses and linens, black-out curtains and access to Wi-Fi.

“The stage is set, so we’re just putting in the fine details,” Butterfield said.

While internet doesn’t quite seem to fit in with the aura of the late 1800s, hand-painted antiques that have lasted generations still line the rooms taking people back to a simpler time.

“The original history is still here and you get to stay in the rooms like that,” Butterfield said.

The Wolf Creek Inn is complete with nine bedrooms and a common area upstairs.

Prices range from $90 to $125 dollars per night.

It will be open for guests starting the first of April, but reservations for rooms and events can already be booked online.

Other famous people who have stayed at the Inn include John Wayne, Zane Grey, Ulysses S. Grant, Patrick Stewart, and George Clooney


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