Woman gives birth on Rogue Valley Expressway

 MEDFORD, Ore. — They say the birth of a child is a day you’ll never forget. For one local couple, January 6 is exactly that and then some.

“911, what is the address of the emergency,” the dispatcher asked. “I am on the expressway … the new Oregon expressway,” said John Estrada.

“Okay, do you have a fire or medical emergency,” asked the dispatcher. “Yeah, a medical emergency. My wife is fully in labor and she feels my daughter crowning,” Estrada said.

Jasmine and John Estrada had just finished their 40-week checkup in Ashland. “She was six centimeters,” John Estrada said. “They sent us home to grab our stuff and … on our way to the hospital. But with just four centimeters to go, baby Olivia decided she was tired of waiting.

“I felt the baby lower,” said mom Jasmine Estrada, “and I told him I think you have to call the ambulance … she’s like, right there.”

The incredible moment wasn’t only shared by Jasmine, John and first responders, they had their girls. “Is it just you and her in the car,” the dispatcher asked. “No, it’s me and my four children,” John Estrada said.

“In the car, they were pretty scared,” he said, “because they had just seen the ambulances and the staff attending her.” “We were in the car sitting and then my mom just said that the baby was gonna be born,” six-year-old sister Karolyne Estrada said, “and I was like, freaking out cause I thought it was gonna hurt her.”

At 5:41 p.m. on January 6, on the side of the Rogue Valley Expressway, baby Olivia was born in an ambulance. “As a kid, you hear the old stories, oh my cousin was born in the back of a car or in a bus, or at a store, but we never thought it would happen to us,” John Estrada said.

The family said they wanted to give the biggest thank you to the first responders who helped them create an incredible story they’ll share forever.

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