Local presentation raises awareness on Steelhead

MEDFORD, Ore.– A local event in Medford discussed the importance of a native fish and how it might be an indicator for the health of our environment.

At the Coyote Trails Nature Center, fly fishing guide and Bear Creek River Steward Jim Andras gave a presentation about the Rogue River Steelhead.

A native fish to Oregon, Andras discussed the importance of Steelhead and how they indicate how well ecosystems are doing. While there have been challenges in the past for the fish, he is confident things are looking better.

“The creek certainly faces challenges,” said Andras. “But overall there’s been some good improvements made over the years and wild fish benefit from those changes.”

Andras doesn’t have any other classes planned at the moment but hopes he can continue to raise awareness about Steelhead for the future.

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