Loggers, truckers plan to protest climate bill in Salem

SALEM, Ore. — The Oregon legislature is convening for a short session starting Monday. One of the items being discussed is the controversial cap and trade bill, which resulted in a Republican walkout six months ago.

When Senate Republicans walked out last year, it blocked any bills from being passed or even voted on. It could happen again.

Democrats are bringing back a new version of the cap and trade bill this year, but with the democrats holding a super majority, Republicans say another walkout is possible.

Democrats say they added concessions to help rural Oregon, hoping it would draw some republican support. That includes more leniency on fuel regulations and industrial emitters.

Central Point resident Jack Armstrong says roughly 1,000 truckers are planning to drive to Salem to protest the bill, just like they did last time.

“I don’t mind voting on something and getting defeated by my other fellow citizens of the state. What I do mind is having it shoved down our throat and saying you’re going to do this without a say so. That’s not fair. That’s not what America was built on. That’s dang sure what Oregon wasn’t built on. You know, Oregon was built on all these trees and this logging,” Armstrong said.

Cap and trade is a term used for capping the amount of carbon companies can release into the air. If companies stay under the cap, they can trade their leftover emissions allowance to others.

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