Long lost Oregon cat comes home five years later from 1,300 miles away

PORTLAND, Ore. (KGW) – On Tuesday night, Viktor Usov will reunite with his beloved cat he has not seen in about five years.

“Of course I’m jazzed,” Usov says. “The friendliest cat I’ve ever known.”

It seems like yesterday that Usov walked into the Oregon Humane Society and locked eyes with the cat he would eventually name Sasha.

“He had hair coming out of his ears,” said Usov. “A huge belly probably full of worms.”

Sasha became part of the family in no time.

“He’d always greet you at the door with his little tail wagging,” said Usov. “Loved his belly scratched.”

The fun lasted only a year. Usov says Sasha went for a stroll and never returned. Usov figured a coyote got to Sasha. Usov moved on, but a few weeks ago, five years after Sasha vanished, the phone rang.

“We have this long-haired black cat … it’s attached to your name on its microchip.”

It was Sasha. The cat turned up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, more than 1,300 miles away from Portland.

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