Lost present returned just in time for Christmas

MEDFORD, Ore. – A little, 2-year-old girl thought the Christmas gift she made for her parents was long gone that’s until a good Samaritan found it and decided to make a little holiday magic.

Alicia James said she was driving along a busy road when she first spotted the small package, she says it was a miracle that it wasn’t crushed and that social media was able to connect her to the owner.

“It said to mom and dad love Ava, and I was like I gotta find this little Ava,” Alicia James said.

The small package caught her eye right in the middle of east main street. She just knew she had to go back and get it.

“It’s kind of like God just made it happen, had I not seen the bow I would’ve just kept driving. But I saw a bow and I was like oh my goodness this has got to be a gift,” she said.

After taking it home and unwrapping it, she discovered some clues that she hoped would lead her to the owner.

“So we open it up because obviously to mom and dad love Ava is not going to help us much, Inside on the ornament, it says: to Ava love Miss Becky and the year 2018, so I kind of went with Miss Becky and was like hopefully someone knows a Miss Becky,” she said.

She posted on the Jackson County Scanner page to get some help. Two hours and 30 comments later Ava and Miss Becky had been found.

“We found her, Miss Becky who made the gift for her contacted me and she showed me a picture of all the little gifts piled up and that she made them and told me the story. And we made arrangements to deliver it to her today,” she said.

“I was kinda like shoot, hey that gift is important not for me, but for the parents and the little one so it was kind of cool,” Becky Hathaway said.

But Alicia’s not looking for any praise, she’s just happy she could help Santa out a little bit.

“It was just the best Christmas gift I got all year,” Alicia said.

Miss Becky said the gift was lost when Ava’s dad picked her up from daycare and he set it on top of the car. She’s glad it’s back.

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