Man charged in Medford homicide appears in court

MEDFORD —┬áPolice arrested 20-year-old Jesse Allen over the weekend after police say he fatally shot his girlfriend.

“This poor young woman…she’s dead and she’s dead forever and no amount of remorse can undo that,” said Kristina Wilson, neighbor of victim.

Medford man, Jesse Allen, is charged with killing 21-year old Kaylynn Klosterman on Friday.

The homicide happened at an apartment the couple shared on Arrowhead Drive.

Police say the victim was found with multiple gunshot wounds.

“I got a text message from my neighbor upstairs saying there were armed police officers running around our parking lot…,” said Wilson.

Kristina Wilson says Allen and Klosterman just moved-in three weeks ago. She says a neighbor in the next apartment called 911 after hearing multiple gunshots and says one bullet went into a family’s apartment one floor below.

“…Found out later that there’s a bullet hole into his fourteen year old daughter’s bedroom,” said Wilson.

Allen fled from the scene after the incident and was caught about 24-hours later.

Wilson and others in the neighborhood say they’re still shaken-up.

“It’s just completely tragic. The whole incident is completely unnecessary,” said Brad Chaaf, neighbor of victim.

Allen, appearing in court Monday afternoon, entering a not guilty plea.

Senior Deputy District attorney, Alyssa Claseman, says they’re building their case.

“We believe it was done intentionally and knowingly,” she said.

The judge denied bail and scheduled Allen to return to court again next month.

Meanwhile, many – like Wilson and Chaaf – are just thankful he’s in police custody, still reeling from everything that happened this past weekend.

“I have a hard time using words like alleged and innocent until proven guilty in a situation like this because it seems pretty cut and dry,” said Wilson.

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