Man offering service to keep kids and pets out of hot cars

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Tracking severe weather, the owner of a local towing company wants to make sure no children or pets are left in hot cars in this sweltering heat.

Ben Dixon is adding a special service to his towing company in Grants Pass. He says if anyone sees a child or man’s best friend stuck in a hot car near Grants Pass – any time, any day – to give him a call.

“I think this should go everywhere,” Dixon said. “I think every tow company should adopt it.”

Ben Dixon owns Dixon Towing in Grants Pass. He’s also a dog lover and owns three – Annie, Max and Kona.

“We’re a dogs society, especially in Grants Pass,” he said.

Dixon says one of the perks of his job is meeting the “kids” or dogs of his clients.

“I’ve had so many people go, they’re never really that friendly to strangers, he said.”

That’s why he’s adding a new service to his company this summer: to rescue man’s best friend stuck in hot cars.

He posted about the service on Thursday night on the Josephine County scanner Facebook page. It already has several comments and reactions from those who are appreciative what he’s doing.

But is what he’s offering legal?

“If you feel that the dog’s in distress you can take action,” said Deputy Chief Hamilton, Grants Pass Department of Public Safety. “But make sure you understand what the law states that covers you before you go forward and do that.”

He says you also must inform law enforcement of what you are doing and wait for them to arrive to file a police report afterwards.

“We would ask them to call us first,” he said. “If there’s a delay and they’re outside the city where law enforcement isn’t going to make it on time, that’s certainly another option.”

In the meantime, Dixon says he will be on call anytime, any day.

“So many people are saying i’m going to put your number in my phone,” he said. “Hopefully this is something they never cash in on, but if they need to…they can.”

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