Man proposes, drops ring in water

Mobile, Ala. — Greg and Sara both moved to mobile in the past year. By chance, or by fate, they met. Sara said, “A friend introduced us. He was new to the town, I was new to town, and so we talked for a little bit and that was that. And then a couple weeks later another friend introduced us.”

After only six weeks of dating, Greg knew she was the one. He said, “At that point I basically just told her, I said, ‘really there’s no one else I want, I want to marry you.’”

Sara felt the same. She said, “As I got to know Greg, I realized how great of a man he is and how loving he is and how he would drop anything.”

Well, more on dropping anything in a second. First, because their courtship was so quick, it took all of Greg’s life savings to get the ring. That very day, he took her to Fairhope Pier to put it on her finger.

With his best man filming, he gave a beautiful speech about finding your adventure, and finding the one to share the adventure with. When he got down on one knee, that adventure began.

Out of the box, one perfect bounce, the ring tumbled into the bay.

“First thing was… did that just happen? And we’re thinking that we just saw some splash, this was not real.”

Greg did in fact jump in after the ring, but quickly realized the current was too strong. He said, “So I immediately swim back to the pier and say, I actually have to get the best man to come rescue me out of the water.”

There is no footage but Greg still dripping wet returned to the jewelry store with Sara, where she found this new lovely ring.

In the store, Greg proposed again. “Then I did something of a quick proposal… just asked her if she would marry me in the store, to where there was no water nearby,” he said.

Just goes to show that true love can never be washed away.

The groom-to-be did not have insurance on the ring that fell into the bay. But the jewelry store did offer Greg a deep discount on a new ring.

The couple is set to marry in June of next year.

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